Sunday, March 29, 2009

My friends James and Jill sent the below link to me and we all should look at it. First is the ridiculous article and then there is a great response to the ridiculous article, it really shows how insane the argument for aborting babies that have disabilities. What is so bothersome is that so many people fall in line with this argument that Minette uses of judging someones worth and therefore their argument for being alive. I will say over and over, the church is the only hope for us, it is the only beacon of hope to save people God made. We need them as much as we need our pastor, our deacons, our mom, or anyone else, without them the body is not full. It is urgent, we cannot afford to battle in the age that is coming without the full body and all gifts that exist there. My point is only one point in reasoning to stop the murder of innocents. Thanks James and Jill for keeping us posted on this incredible ignorance that exists out there, I love you guys.

Read THIS fist:

but before you get REALLY THIS:

(look for the comment dated November 30th)


  1. Words can not describe how sick I feel after reading that 1st article. As hard is that may be to believe I really can't describe the pure disgust I feel. The second article was awesome! Your right Tony...the church is our hope.

  2. I feel sorry for Minette, I really do. I mean, if this was your outlook on life, how sad. She is the one to be pitied as far as I'm concerned. A society that devalues human life is in trouble. She would argue that she doesn't devalue life or place greater importance on some lives than others, but that is the arugument of every pro-choice person. If you think it is okay to terminate some lives, what is the line for you? If it is okay to terminate the life of a person with a disablity who may "struggle" or have some "hardships" in life, then isn't it okay to terminate the life of anyone you find inconvenient? It is very frightening, but this is the off-balance and irrational thinking of many people. Unfortunately, including our president. There is no gray on this subject, only black and white. A life is a life and the minute you place less value on one, you can place less value on any. God help us. Pray, pray pray!