Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all." -- Edward DeBono

Responses to my blogging have come, some here on this page, some in person, but mostly on the phone and email. One response from a friend expressed that my blog's name (Little Tony's Blog) lacked creativity . So not wanting to be accused of having a lack of creativity I have responded with a new name. I changed it to "Little Tony's Little Thoughts", this seemed boring as well, so I decided upon "The Bantum Blogotorium" it seemed to fit. I am sure responses will now come about the new stupid name I have chosen!
I do not mind being called stupid but do not like being called uncreative or pointed at as having a lack of ideas! This brings me to my second thought this morning, people tell me that I am self deprecating. I thought that had something to do with going to the bathroom in my pants when I heard it, but after looking it up, it means: "I undervalue myself and my talents". So for the sake of keeping this blog honest, I will respond to this!
For public record: I do believe I have gifts and talents; God made me creative, imaginative, unafraid and He gave me the ability to transfer to paper what I see in my mind. Those are my gifts, my talents. Beyond that I am better at some things than others, but nothing in particular stands out as true talent.
When I talk about being average, it is not meant to be self deprecating, it is meant to be truth. I have always felt the need to sniff out truth, It is why I drove my parents crazy asking "why?" all the time growing up. I believe when we overvalue ourselves it hurts others, as expressed in my blog entry below. So I believe we should use our gifts to their fullest potential, but never use our gifts as an excuse to not do something else God has put in our path.
Whatever gifts any of us have, are given for a purpose: God's glory. I have tried to be disciplined and deliberate in giving God the glory since we have been in ministry. The truth is that God is the creative genius behind anything that Camp Daniel has accomplished, but... my giant, inflated ego could easily take credit, "success is an intoxicant" as it says in my blog entry below. Our flesh is capable of things we cannot imagine. I have witnessed great men of God brought to their knees as God has dealt with their flesh. Whatever gifts or talents we may have are gifts from God, whatever we do with them are my gift back to Him.
This blog entry may come under the heading of being "an idea gone wrong", but it's my blog, so as DeBono says, "its better than no idea at all".
Really I wrote all that just to say I changed the name of my blog, what does that say about me??


  1. You're a pretty talented walleye fisherman also, Tony. It's a cool name, by the way. Don't stop talking to LeClaire about a good name for you know what. Love ya.

  2. It can't get any better than this.