Monday, March 30, 2009

Does Jesus Love Someone Like me?

I am nine years old. I don't really know any other kid like me. It takes me awhile to figure things out... like when I go swimming I forget not to go in too deep, or when I eat dinner I should use my fork I instead of my fingers. I don't know how to tie my shoes yet or how to tell time. I don't play Little League because the ball comes too fast for me. I don't take summer art classes because when the rest of the class is done with their painting, I'm still figuring out what color to use. At church, I sit by my Mom instead of going to Sunday School. I don't know how to read yet so I can't participate in the Bible verse finding contests, and when the room gets so loud with the other kids' excitement, I sometimes cover my ears and cry. My mom doesn't mind me sitting by her because we spend all of our time together. She says it's okay if I don't have friends at school because she is my friend. Kids at my school are okay, but they don't like to be my partner because they can't always understan I d the way I talk. Usually, a teacher will be my partner or I'll just color at my desk while the other kids work on skits or projects together. Sometimes my mom looks sad because she can't go to the ladies activities at church since she has to take care of me. She says she is not sad, but I hear her let out a big breath like she does when I spill my milk all the time. The other kids at church go to Superkids Camp and say it is the best week of the year. I can't go to that camp. My mom told me about this other camp where I could go and do all the things I seem to miss out on. I can go swimming and someone will swim right next to me to remind me not to go too deep. I can make crafts and take as much time as I want. I can be in a contest and act really silly. I can even play volleyball with a beach ball so I won't be scared of getting hurt. She said the best part is that for the whole week someone will teach me about Jesus. I'll get to sing songs over many times so that I have a chance to learn the words. I'll hear stories that will be about things that I can understand. I'll even get a chance to show others I love Jesus by playing an instrument during worship or being a part of a skit where I don't have to remember any lines. I was so excited when my Mom told me about the camp! I asked if I could go, and she said only if another person volunteered to go, too... to make sure I had someone to hang out with, to help me if I had any problems or got scared, to pray with me at night when she wasn't there at bedtime. I hope someone might want to come with me. I'm trying not to get too excited now, because my mom says a lot of people don't want to give up a week of their time. I heard her talking to my Aunt on the phone. If I go to camp, my mom is going to drive to my Aunt's house for a visit. I heard her say she just needs some rest and relaxation. Sounds boring to me... I'd much rather go to camp! I'm praying to Jesus right now for someone to want to go with me even though I'm different. I wonder if Jesus can understand kids like me? I wonder if Jesus cares about a kid like me?

My sister Lora wrote this post for facebook. God has gifted her as an amazing writer and she loves people with disabilities. Lora and Jason have adopted 5 kids with disabilities as well as having their own four kids.  We get alot of props for what we do undeservingly. Lora and Jason deserve an incredible amount of credit, but get little. 


  1. I read this on her facebook profile. She is so gifted at writing! She has the ability to put into words the thoughts we often have, but have a hard time expressing. I hope someone reads this either on this blog or on her profile and is moved to take some action. They will find that if they sacrifice a week of their time, they will be blessed beyond what they can imagine!

  2. Hey! I was looking for Tony's blog not mine!