Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Many are the plans of a man's heart but it is the Lords purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

I have been reflecting on the year of 2009, as many have, entering a new year. It was a good year, a hard year, a growing year, a year God pressed on me to takes steps to move closer to him. This is good... yet growth hurts as it stretches and changes everything.
Our camp theme was "I am God's Plan". The camp theme is a big deal to me. I spend allot of time in thought, prayer and preparation before I present it to everyone. The theme over the last year has helped me to come to a place of acceptance of what I believe God is moving me towards in my life. A year ago as a cloudy vision unfolded, I did not like God's purpose for me and was unwilling to accept it, as I already had a plan. So 12 months later and I have grown and now can see with clearer vision how God will unfold His plan for me and others. I am scared as move forward, I have said before, that the man God has shown me down the road, seems like an impossibility for me to be. I see my self doing things I know I cannot do, nor really want to. But, above my fear and self centeredness is my love for God, and knowledge that He can accomplish anything He wishes through us if we just say yes.
So in 2010 I am resolving to be at peace where God is taking me, to act in His strength as I do the work He lays out, and to be relentless in conveying the message He gives me to share.
I share all of that to tell you our theme at Camp Daniel for 2010..."We are Strong" I know it sounds simple, yet it conveys what we need to believe in order to share God's love in way to shake the world. Our campers must know that they are strong, because God has gifted them with weakness, and it is easier for Him to show His power through already weak vessels. We must come to the church with this message; embrace those who seem weak, those the world hates, because they are strong.
I am, on one hand not looking foward to a year of embracing this paradox. It will prove to be hard, to say the least. But on the other hand I look forward to the challenge of leading the charge. I will, in the coming days share more about it. In the meantime I am thankful to God for His patience in dealing with me yet another year as I pursue my own plans and He laughs as He unfolds His purpose. I sure am weak... I mean strong!


  1. "Christianity is not just a religious belief system that one adopts. It is a life that one lives; a life where the Holy Spirit permeates and influences every aspect of your life... following Jesus will result in changed lives. We see that vividly in the lives
    of Simon Peter, Andrew, Matthew, and many others in the New Testament. To follow “in His steps” you cannot be following in someone else‟s. Following Jesus
    will mean walking down a different path than you may have been used to. The
    resulting transformation is the life that God intends for you." -Pastor Steve

  2. It is amazing how confirmations come to us. As I read your blog, I think about what I said and read from God's Word. I believe it is a great confirmation for the theme "we are strong". And then as I read David Wilkerson's devotional blog this morning, an even great confirmation. What a year it is going to be! With you, I don't particularly like what God is asking of me, but I know that I will rejoice is what He is going to do. Above all, he wants each of us to draw closer to Him. And that is always good. I love you, Tony.

  3. In Weakness "We are Strong."
    In Identity "We are Strong."
    In Grace "We are Strong."
    In Faith "We are Strong."
    In Warfare "We are Strong."
    In Prayer "We are Strong."
    By His Word "We are Strong."
    In His House "We are Strong."
    In Christ "We are Strong."