Thursday, June 10, 2010


Its 3:00 in the morning on Thursday June 10th. We finished packing the totes with our tools, gifts for the missionaries and other things needed for the trip. We await the rest of the teams arrival at 4 AM to load the bus at and leave to Chicago to catch our plane to Washington DC, then to Amsterdam and on to Nairobi. As I sit I sit in the quiet of the church, I am thankful for all that has led up to this trip. The last 2 months have been a whirlwind of activity, getting much done in a little time in order to make this trip happen.
As I sit here I don't feel anxiety for the trip, as I know this is what I am supposed to be doing. What I am feeling though is incredibly blessed, it is overwhelming right now. God has given me more than I deserve, I am rich in knowing his love. I am so grateful for the love that comes from my wife, children, family and friends. I have been given every earthly gift there could be. God has been so good and I know He loves me and made me for a purpose. There are few things more fulfilling than that knowledge.
So I head off around the world more 8,000 miles away from home knowing God cares enough to break my heart once again in order that I might move closer to Him. I have stopped wondering what God will do on this trip and have accepted that it is yet another moment to kill off some of my flesh and be reborn more like Him. I look forward to all He will do and to how this will change us as individuals and as a group.
I ask for your prayer while we are gone, for courage to follow where God leads and to grow as He stretches us. I ask for prayer for my family, at home who will worry about me and work hard in my absence, getting ready for camp. I ask you to follow the link to the Living Hope Missions Blog that will give updates while we are on the trip. I look forward to blogging here when I get back, but with a new outlook on serving God through traveling this path he has taken us on.


  1. Rock on, LT. We love you, are praying for you, and believe in you and the vision God has placed in your heart. You are loved.

  2. It's 10:41am as I sit here in my office and think how happy you were that I wasn't there to see you guys off at 5:00 am. You know what I mean. Everything about this trip is miraculous. Everything different but so God-led. I can't imagine what He has in mind so I just pray that His Spirit leads every step of the journey, both physically and spiritually, into the center of what His purposes are. I eagerly look forward to the mission blog updates. The Best Is Yet To Come! Love ya, Tony.

  3. It's the 11th, you and the team have been on my mind since I woke up this morning. I am praying for a quick transition to your new enviroment and knowing God is going to do incredible thing LL